The Orpheum Theatre and Academy of Performing Arts

is a 501c3 non profit organization.

 All donations are tax-deductible.

There are many ways to support The Orpheum.  

Talk to your business about a match, donate as a family, pledge funds , or wear our logo and help spread the word.  

Truly, there is no gift too small! 

Why Support the Arts?  Research continues to prove its benefits in our schools, communities, economies and personal well-being.  

Here are 10 reasons to support the arts:

According to National Arts Prosperity research, event attendees spend an average of $24.60 in surrounding neighborhoods.

in 2014, local findings report a $31 average of additional spending for central Florida.   

The Orpheum is committed to partnerships with local businesses. 

To date, we have partnered with over 25 local businesses, featured more than 60 musicians and instructors, and entertained over nearly 2000 audience members.  All of this while we're still renovating!

5 reasons to support the arts
Arts and Economic Prosperity